End of Lease Cleaning: What to Focus on?

Have you decided to move out of your leased property in Daphne, AL? You may have already started packing, but don’t forget that you can’t just pick up your things and leave. Instead, you’ll first need to give your leased apartment a good scrub from top to bottom.

This is not an easy task and you may need to think about hiring reliable, experienced cleaners to help you finish everything in time. They specialize in move-in /move out cleaning and will make the cleaning process much less stressful. Of course, if you feel confident that you can do everything on your own, go for it. You can go online and research useful decluttering tips to help you make a foolproof plan and discover what you should pay particular attention to.

What areas to focus on during the end of lease cleaning?

The key to the successful end of lease cleaning is to make a realistic schedule and prioritize. Here are some of the areas that you should address: 

1. Bathroom

If you don’t want your property manager or landlord to keep your deposit, clean your bathroom properly. You can start by disinfecting your toilet and shower. In order to do this most effectively, it’s best to spray them with a cleaning solution and let it work for a couple of minutes before you start scrubbing. Then, move on to mopping floors, cleaning the faucets and removing the mold from the tiles and walls.

2. KitchenKitchen

Your next stop – the kitchen! Your landlord won’t skip it during an inspection, so you need to step up your game and do your best to give it a sparkle that it deserves. Make sure to clean the countertop thoroughly, as well as remove all the food from the fridge and disinfect both the inside and outside of it. 

You should also empty and wipe the cupboards, and remove dust and dirt from the extractor fan. Finally, pay attention to the cooking area and clean any oil marks and food crumbs.

3. Windows and walls

A window and wall cleaning is not something you do as often as dusting and vacuuming, so you may forget about it. Unfortunately, your landlord won’t. So, instead of risking losing your deposit, buy a good microfiber cloth and start wiping. 

You can also tie the cloth to the end of a broom in order to be able to reach the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls. Lastly, remember to clean the blinds as well. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust quickly and then polish them a bit.

4. Carpets

Carpets can be very stylish and give a homey feel to your place, but if not maintained properly, they can spoil the interior and cost you your deposit. So, before your landlord arrives, vacuum your carpets properly and check them for stains. 

If a regular cleaning solution won’t help, try steam-cleaning them. This method has proven to be very effective for eradicating stubborn stains. In case you won’t make it on your own, contact professionals and enjoy all the amazing benefits of hiring an expert cleaning service.

5. Bedroom

When it comes to cleaning your bedroom, you should focus on the following:

  • Vacuum the furniture
  • Change sheets and pillowcases
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from walls and window sills
  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Wash the curtains

Remember, a positive reference from your current landlord may go a long way with your new one, and help you find a dream home.

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With us, you won’t need to worry about losing your deposit or getting a bad reference. All you need to do is go online, fill out a simple online booking form and enjoy the rest of your day at the picturesque May Day Park. Everything is easy when you have the right cleaner by your side.

The Ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Move-Out Cleaning

Moving is always super stressful. Not only do you need to go through all the hassle of transition and moving your belongings, but you also need to deal with a move-out cleaning. Really, when does it end!? However, this is not the time for panic. If you live in Daphne, AL, you will have nothing to worry about since the town is known for its above-par cleaning service providers.

In situations like these, you need to make a decision. You can either hire move-out cleaning services to help you out or try to deal with the situation on your own. In case you decide to go with the second option, take some time to research useful tips on how to declutter your home before moving and discover what areas to focus on during the cleaning.

How to make the move-out cleaning less stressful?

Your moving day is approaching and you feel that things are slowly getting out of control. Worry no more! Here is a list of useful tips & tricks that will help you clean your apartment like a pro:

Create a schedule

Cleaning your entire home is undoubtedly a huge undertaking, especially when you add packing up to it. Therefore, instead of just jumping into this unprepared, take your time to create a schedule and list all the tasks that need to be completed before you move out.

Once you have set clear deadlines, you will feel much calmer and readier to roll up your sleeves and get down to work. However, be careful not to set unrealistic goals, and be ready to ask for help if you see that you won’t make it on your own.

Use this as an opportunity to downsizeUse this as an opportunity to downsize

A move-out cleaning is a perfect opportunity for you to go through your stuff and get rid of anything that you don’t need. Not only will this accelerate your packing process, but you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh start at your new clutter-free home. You can begin by tossing out any clothes or other personal belongings that you haven’t used in months. Another solution may be to organize a small garage sale or make a donation to a nearby homeless shelter.

Ask your family and friends for help

Everything is easier when you have company. So, instead of carrying this burden alone, ask your family and friends to give you a hand. You can prepare snacks and refreshments, play some music and turn this daunting experience into a fun activity.

Don’t pack your cleaning supplies

Once the packing starts, a person can easily get carried away and pack their essential cleaning supplies together with the rest of the stuff. The last thing you want is your cleaning tools and products to end up on the bottom of a huge box. So, make sure to set them aside before you start packing. This will allow you to see if you miss anything and give you enough time to stock up.

Hire professionals

Finally, cleaning professionals are always the safest bet. So, if you find this moving process too overwhelming, do yourself a favor and contact the experts. What’s best, the majority of them specialize in move-out cleaning, so you can rest assured that every little nook and cranny will be properly cleaned.

There are multiple reasons to hire cleaners when moving, including avoiding unnecessary stress, saving your time, and many more. With their help, you’ll finally have enough energy to go out or take a trip to the magnificent Meaher State Park.

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