How To Clean Your Microfiber Cloths The Best Way!

Although soft, microfiber cloths are heavy-duty and some of the best cleaning tools out there. Its large surface area, the ease for wiping dust and grime even without cleaning solutions, and its reusability make them a powerful ally when cleaning time arrives.

However, microfiber cloths will only do their job as long as you take good care of them. Useful as they are, microfibers need a more special treatment than other typical cleaning cloths. So, if you want to make them last longer, read this guide and learn how to clean them!

How to clean microfiber cloths

Cleaning microfiber cloths require more than just throwing them in the washing machine. For instance, you should wash them separately from other fabrics to prevent stuck lint and debris. If you need to do a mixed load, include only lint-free synthetic clothes—cotton is a big no. 

Here are the steps to follow:

Step #1. Shake each cloth beforehand  

Whether washing them by hand or in the washing machine, shake the microfiber cloth over your trash can to eliminate the excess dirt. Otherwise, the dirt will slosh around and could stick back to your cloths.

Step #2. Wash them by hand

If the stains in your microfiber cloth are small and easy to wash out, you can try this method. Put your cloths in a bin of warm water and swish them around to loosen the dirt. Then, gently scrub any lingering stains. Rinse them out once you’ve finished.

When to use the washing machine:

When dealing with heavily stained microfiber cloths, putting them in the washing machine and running a warm water cycle is your best choice. As with detergent, use the kind that is free of additives and dye, and apply half the amount you would normally use.

Avoid softener on your microfiber cloths, as it will clog the fibers and make the rag less effective at cleaning.

Pro tip: If your microfibers have a foul smell, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the load, and they’ll come out fresh as new!

Step #3. Dry the cloths

The best way to dry your microfiber cloths is to line dry them indoors—for example, on your bathroom curtain rod. Doing so will prevent your cloths from picking up dust they could have caught outside.

If you have to use the dryer, clean the lint trap thoroughly before placing the cloths, and do not add dryer balls or dryer sheets. Then let the machine run on low heat or air dry cycle—high heat will melt the microfibers.

How to prevent a dirty microfiber cloth 

You can prevent your microfiber cloths from getting dirty or damaged by:

  • Shaking the dust out of them after every use and rinsing thoroughly with water.
  • Storing them together, away from any other type of fabric
  • Using the least amount of chemicals when cleaning with them—microfiber cloths work just fine with plain water.

Follow these instructions and your cloths will last for months.

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