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5 Things You Should Stop Doing When Washing Your Clothes

Avoid committing these five common laundry mistakes! Save yourself the trouble of mending your clothes or getting new ones. After you’ve finished with the laundry, cleaning the rest of the house is what follows. Let us help you with this! Book your service online.
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Say Goodbye To Air Fresheners! 5 Alternatives To Deodorize A Room

A smelly room can completely ruin the mood in your home. The obvious solution would be to cover or eliminate the odors. However, commercial air fresheners contain many chemicals that cause indoor air pollution, and some have such intense scents that they can cause headaches. Fortunately, air fresheners are not your only option to battle…
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6 Awful Outcomes Of Not Doing Your Cleaning Chores

Everyone has thought about loosening up on their cleaning chores now and there. However, it’s better to be careful as neglecting home cleaning can have some unpleasant effects. Here are six of them. Maids à la Mode offers premium cleaning services at affordable rates. Book with us today!
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5 Tips For Reducing Dust In Your Home

Dust particles make your house dirty, provoke allergic reactions, and even carry germs. However, getting rid of dust is not that easy! You can clean over and over, yet the dust keeps coming back!  You’re not cleaning wrong, but there are better ways to eliminate the dust! Check out these tips to have a less…
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6 Tips To Organize Your Cleaning Kit (And Keep Everything Ready!)

Organizing your cleaning supplies is a great way to save time on the cleaning tasks. Are you wondering how to do it? Here are five creative ways to achieve tidiness! From green cleaning to disinfecting services, Maids à la Mode has everything you need and more! Visit our site!
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How To Clean Your Refrigerator Thoroughly With Vinegar

Even though some people may take for granted the fridge’s vital function of storing and keeping everything fresh, nobody can deny the importance of having this appliance at home.  However, your stored food can last less if you don’t clean inside the fridge properly. Cleaning your refrigerator can seem like a big task. While it…
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Our Happy Guarantee

Every clean is backed by our 100% Happy Guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy. It's as simple as that. If any aspect of your cleaning was not completed, please let us know within 24 hours of your service and your Cleaning Professional will come back to correct it as soon as possible.