Defeat The Mess! 5 Tips To Get Into “Decluttering Mode”

Sometimes life gets in the way, so naturally, the house gets a little unkempt, and stuff starts to accumulate. 

You could say that a thorough decluttering session could solve everything. However, you won’t always feel like a million bucks to tackle house chores, and it doesn’t help when clutter gets to an overwhelming level. In other words, decluttering is easier said than done.

Do you find yourself in this situation? Then, you can use these five tips to start decluttering right away—even when overwhelmed by the mess!

Tip #1: Think of a clear goal

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Do you want to see a beautiful home? Free up closet space and make way for new clothes? Is it about not stumbling on your belongings all the time? Are you planning a trip to the donation center?

Take notes if necessary and find the goal that will be the spark to get you started. Then, set a reasonable deadline to deliver a clutter-free home.

Tip #2: Watch videos about decluttering

Finding a movie or tv show relatable can be an effective way to get into the right mindset. On that note, it’s a good idea to watch tv shows or videos of both hoarders and decluttering pros like Marie Kondo, to have a clear image of what you want and what you’d like to avoid.

When you finally get into “declutter mode,” it’s time to go!

Tip #3: Start in small sessions

Even if you find what drives you to declutter, the act itself can still be challenging to take. Do what you can in 10 minutes and on small areas, like the coffee table or the bookshelf—something you know won’t take that much time, but that’ll give you instant results.

If you see progress by the time the alarm sounds, you’re more likely to keep going. Besides, decluttering can even help you relax and reduce stress! To wind down during weekends, have extended sessions that will make you feel better by the time you go to sleep.

Tip #4: Don’t give up so soon

Sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t flip a switch to start decluttering instantly. It’s just the rough take-off that keeps you down, but once you get back on the move, you’ll begin to flow with your tasks again.

Never lose sight of the goal, and keep in mind all your progress and what you can still achieve. You’d be amazed how a little self pep talk can get you from 0 to 100.

Tip #5: Get a decluttering partner

No one said it’s not allowed to call for help. Inviting someone over to help with this task is an excellent opportunity to spend time with a relative or a close friend. Besides, they can offer valuable insight whenever you decide what to keep and what needs detachment. 

Are you done decluttering? Keep your house neat!

Declutter can take a massive effort, so it’s hard to focus on other household chores. The less workload you have during this decluttering process, the better. For easing the workload, you can count on a cleaning service.

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