Dingy Mirrors? 4 DIY Glass Cleaners You Can Try!

Many homeowners appreciate a clean mirror. Beyond its utility, a nice clean glass surface sets a different mood in your rooms. So, keeping your mirrors spotless is a priority.

However, there’s always a critical moment when there isn’t any glass cleaner at hand and time’s short for a trip to the store. Does this mean you’re stuck with a streaky mirror? Not really! There’s more than one DIY method to remove marks and residue.

Here’s how to clean your mirrors without a glass cleaner at hand!

Why commercial glass cleaner isn’t the best option

Glass cleaning products like Windex are easy-to-handle solutions and a household staple. However, while being relatively affordable, it’s an expense you can cut back, especially when you can make your cleaner with stuff you have at home.

Besides, commercial cleaners may contain small quantities of ammonia; you might be better off avoiding it in your household.

Alternatives to commercial glass cleaner

Buying a bottle of glass cleaner is easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s your only option; homemade solutions are excellent alternatives.

A great thing about using DIY cleaning products is that they’re cost-effective—and made of ingredients you probably already have inside your kitchen. Here are some cleaning alternatives you can try today.

Alternative #1: Soapy water

Sometimes, classic cleaning mixes are all you need, and soapy water never fails. To clean your mirrors, you’ll only need to add a few drops of dish soap inside a water-filled spray bottle. 

However, rinse the glass with a second cloth and clean water when wiping the mirror. Otherwise, you’d be leaving soap residue on the surface.

Alternative #2: White vinegar and water

Do you want to break down the residue off your glass surface? That’s white vinegar’s specialty. This solution is straightforward but powerful; all you need is an empty spray bottle to mix 50/50 warm water and vinegar.

Alternative #3: Vinegar, water, and soap

You can’t stand the vinegar smell but want its residue dissolving power? Add a couple of drops of soap to the same white vinegar and water mix. It will make the smell more bearable, and you’ll make a stronger cleaner. Remember to rinse the solution after the first wipe.

Alternative #4: Alcohol, cornstarch, and vinegar

Cornstarch might seem like an odd choice, but the truth is that it has proven to be an excellent naturally-abrasive agent. To make this cleaning solution, you’ll need:

  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 2 cups warm water

Once it’s all well mixed in a bowl, pour until you fill a spray bottle. Before applying, don’t forget to shake the bottle well, so the cornstarch spreads across the liquid. Otherwise, the nozzle can get clogged.

How to clean your mirrors with any solution

The proper technique consists of using just enough solution and wiping the right way across the glass surface.

Spray the solution over the whole glass surface and, using a microfiber cloth, wipe in a zigzag motion, from top to bottom. Don’t forget to rinse if you use soap-based solutions.

Before calling it a day, look at the mirror from different angles. If you see some streaks, dip paper towels in vinegar or alcohol and buff the spots. 

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