Halloween at Home this Year? Here are some Cleaning and Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. And like many parents in Alabama, you are anxious about how to deal with the aftermath. Yes, there will be a lot of cleaning to do with all the scheduled fun activities to get your home back in shape. You think of all the decorations, the messy, sticky candy, pranksters, makeup, etc. What you see is a cleaning nightmare.

But you don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about how you are going to conquer your Halloween cleaning nightmare in Alabama.  You can overcome the post-Halloween cleaning challenges by following some simple Halloween cleaning tips/tricks as outlined below.

Cleaning Candy Mess

Candy can be bad for clothing, upholstery, and carpeting. Getting rid of candy mess in your home is a sure way of protecting these and other similar items from damage. If you have to clean candy, the following tricks will do wonders:

  • Sticky candies like tootsie, taffy, and lollipops can get deep into fibers if you attempt to clean them immediately. Instead, cover the gummy candy using an ice pack for about one hour. Doing this softens the candy and makes it easy to scrape away most of the candy using a putty knife.
  • If the sticky candy is still stubborn, you can add vinegar to a mixture of dish soap and water and use the combination to clean the fiber.
  • Sodium percarbonate, also known as Oxygen bleach, can help you remove tough stains with damage to the fibers’ colors.
  • In case all else proves futile, you might have to resort to steam cleaning your carpets or dry-cleaning the cloths.

Cleaning Makeup Stains

Kids will hardly be cautious with their makeup; most likely, you’ll find traces of makeup almost everywhere. Most of the makeup you’ll use on Halloween is grease-based, so washing it away with soap and water will work in most cases. The procedure for cleaning these stains is relatively straightforward.

Wet the stain using cold water and rub soap into the paint, blot the fibers liberally with cold water, and repeat.

For tough makeup stains, try sodium percarbonate before you resort to steam-cleaning or dry-cleaning.

Cleaning Halloween Pranks

In case Halloween pranksters target your home, the following tips will help you clean it if it’s been toilet-peppered, egged, or covered in soap suds or shaving cream.

  • Toilet paper: Use a leaf blower, a telescopic pool brush, or rake to get the toilet paper out of eavestroughs and branches.
  • Eggs: Use water to wet the area underneath the egg stains, then spray water above the coloring to create a powerful waterfall to wash the eggs off the side of your house. But don’t spray directly at eggs; doing so will make the eggs splatter and spread further to other areas.
  • Shaving cream: You can wash these easily with water from your garden hose. Ensure you rinse your home thoroughly so that you don’t leave a soapy film behind.

Halloween Safety Guidelines During COVID in Alabama

Due to the threat posed by the COVID 19 threat, Halloween in Alabama won’t be business as usual. To remain safe, follow all the coronavirus prevention and protection protocols given by the authorities.

Most importantly, all your family members must wear face masks at all times when they are celebrating with others. Also, everyone needs to remember to keep the recommended 6-feet social distance to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Also, there are some high-risk activities that you should not get your family into at whatever cost.

High-risk Activities to Avoid

  • The popular door-to-door trick-or-treating.
  • Avoid events where your kids get a treat from trunks of automobiles in a big parking area.
  • Avoid indoor haunted houses where people get crowded and scream.

Despite the challenges posed by this pandemic, it’s still possible to have a fantastic Halloween in Alabama this year. Once it is over, it will be easy to clear the mess following Halloween’s simple cleaning tips at home, especially with the help from a professional house cleaning service Mobile AL from Maids a la Mode.

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