How Much Time Should I Spend Cleaning My Home? Spend Less Time With These Tips

Spend Cleaning My Home

Household chores are part of every homeowner’s life; however, keeping a home clean can take more time than people realize. If you feel like there’s not enough time for cleaning, it might be true. But if we want to live in a clean and healthy space, neglecting chores isn’t an option. What can we do? You need to make sure every minute you spend cleaning is effective and take advantage of the time-saving tools and services available.

Learn in this blog post how you can keep your home clean while having little time.

How much time people spend cleaning

Are you cleaning more than average? You might be spending more time cleaning than you think. Tess Wilson kept track of her housekeeping and found out that she was spending more time on housework than she realized—almost double! Looking at the statistics, it seems that you should spend roughly six hours per week cleaning your home. However, one-third of the people surveyed are concerned about not spending enough time on their chores. Should we devote more time to housework? Maybe we can clean better without spending more time.

Cleaning longer doesn’t mean cleaning better

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning chores. Rachel Hoffman says that people tend to do “marathon cleanings” to clean as less frequently as they can. As homeowners spend more time in one cleaning session, they associate having a clean home with the stress and frustration of cleaning. This approach to housework could affect the quality of cleaning. In the long run, doing a six-hour cleaning is less effective than dusting and decluttering over the week. If you only have one day to tackle your cleaning chores, Hoffman advises cleaning in a 20-minutes burst followed by a 10-minutes break.

How do I keep my home clean if I don’t have enough time

Turn cleaning into an everyday routine

How many times do you clean over the week? Experts recommend cleaning for short periods instead of all-day sessions. As mentioned above, cleaning for 20 minutes a day could maximize your cleaning results. Most adults maintain attention to a single task for roughly 20 minutes, and extending the chores longer would require more effort. Try cleaning over the week instead of spending an entire day—this would be easier to fit in a busy schedule!

Invest in time-saving tools

Modern cleaning tools and products are designed to make our lives easier while we spend less time cleaning. A cordless vacuum cleaner, an electric scrubbing brush, or even melamine sponges can turn cleaning into a breeze! 

Know when to outsource your cleaning needs

Are you having a busy week? Hire a home cleaning service! Cleaning companies are becoming more popular because people have little time for housework. You don’t have to commit every aspect of your housework to a home cleaner. For example, you can still do the everyday chores (like doing the dishes) and hire a cleaning service for the time-consuming tasks.

You should be able to focus on the things that matter the most. Trust your cleaning needs to Maids à la Mode, and forget about time-consuming chores! Learn about our home cleaning service in Mobile AL on our website. Book now, and you won’t regret it!

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