Trusted House Cleaners


We believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers, and our planet to make environmentally conscious choices throughout our company. Our green cleaning products are safe, effective, and healthy options that we feel (and you) can feel good about.  

Honest Pricing

health & safety

We're committed to safer, healthier, and environmentally friendly choices that allow our Cleaning Professionals to do their important work and do it well, without compromising their health or safety.  Every product we use is EPA-registered, or Green Seal certified, non-toxic, bio-based, and is a safe, effective, and healthy option. 

Trusted House Cleaners

a living wage

At the heart of our business are our Cleaning Professionals.  The work they do is so important and meaningful to our customers and our community.  Our business is structured so that our cleaners earn a Living Wage in an industry known for its notoriously low wages.  Earning a Living Wage means that they're able to better care for and support themselves and their families, enjoy well-deserved time off and benefits, and truly make a career out of cleaning.