How to Declutter My Home Before a Move?

Moving can be extremely stressful, especially if you are not well-prepared for what’s coming. Just thinking about all the furniture, clothes, utensils and garage tools that you need to bring along is enough to make your hair curl.

Of course, you don’t have to go through all this alone. Move out cleaning services are available throughout the country, so no matter if you live in the beautiful Daphne area or somewhere else, you can always hire them. These seasoned professional cleaners will ease you into the moving process and satisfy your highest expectations. Here is what you should keep in mind when the time to move comes near:

How should I organize before I move?How should I organize before I move

A good plan is a success half-done, so if you want to be less stressed out about your move-out cleaning, start organizing now. Here are a few easy steps for you to follow:

  • Pack all the things that you rarely use first. If you want to declutter your home prior to the moving day, you cannot start packing a few days before. Instead, set aside all the items that you won’t need till after the move, place them in boxes and put them away in a spare room, or the storage area that you have previously cleared.
  • Defrost your freezer. If you are taking your freezer with you, now is the perfect time to defrost it, and properly clean it. Keeping your refrigerator sanitized is crucial if you want to prevent the spread of bacteria, and keep your food safe.
  • Get rid of everything you don’t want to move. Moving is a great opportunity to start a clutter-free life, so get rid of all the things that you’ve been hoarding over the years in your garage and never used them. Instead of just throwing them away, think about donating them to a nearby shelter or organizing a garage sale. You may have never gone fishing, but your neighbor may be delighted to take the brand new fishing rod off your hands.
  • Pack your cleaning supplies last. Once you have everything packed in the boxes, it’s time to give your home a proper scrub. This will be hard to do if your cleaning supplies ended up at the bottom of a huge box. So, think in advance and keep them handy.
  • Label your boxes. You may be so excited about the new place that you just want to throw everything in the boxes and rush there. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster. Just imagine coming to your new place with a bunch of boxes and having no idea what’s where. To avoid this, label your boxes neatly. You can use different colors to mark the rooms where the items should go. Such a system will help you unpack faster and avoid creating an instant mess in your new apartment.

What areas should I focus on when cleaning?

With everything that’s going on during a move-out process, you won’t have time to clean every inch of your place. Instead, prioritize and think about the most important areas to focus on during move-out cleaning. Here is what has made our list:

  • Clean all the kitchen cabinets and disinfect the countertops. You don’t want the new tenants to be grossed out by sticky food stains.
  • Mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. This will take you a few minutes only, but it will contribute a lot to the general appeal of the place.
  • Clean the bathroom. Start off by cleaning the toilet, sink, vanity and the tub. If you have some extra time, focus on the tiles and get the soap scrum off them.What areas should I focus on when cleaning

Where to find the most reliable move out cleaning services in Daphne?

If you have been wondering why you should hire cleaners when moving, now you have the answer – to make your life easier and the whole moving process less painful. Experienced professionals, like those we work with here at Maids à la Mode, will go the extra mile to meet your demands and be by your side until the moving is over. You’ll finally have time to relax and go for a walk at the picturesque Bayfront Park.

We will match you with the skillful, background-checked cleaning experts who will make the place sparkle before you move. On top of that, we are fully focused on your individual needs, and use only eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies, so you don’t need to worry about them harming your pets or children. Reach out to us today.

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